THEMIS GLOBAL have been shortlisted for the ‘Third Party Debt Collection Team of the Year’ Award !
THEMIS GLOBAL are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the ‘Third Party Debt Collection Team of the Year’ award at the upcoming CICM British Credit Awards 2017.

Michael Court (Director and Co-Founder) commented, “Awesome! Receiving recognition from the CICM is the icing on our 2016 cake. I would like to thank all of our clients and everyone associated with Themis Global for what has been an incredible year so far”.

THEMIS GLOBAL - shortlisted for the ‘Best Technology’ award at the upcoming Collections & Customer Service Awards 2016 Mark Robertson (Director and Co-Founder) commented, “We are very proud that our innovative solutions have once again been recognised following the astonishing recognition they received at the recent Utilities & Telecoms Awards. The Collections & Customer Service Awards is an unprecedented event, which brings the whole industry together to celebrate extraordinary achievement and we are really looking forward to it. Roll on November 24th!”

Themis Global provide an ultra compliant and controllable natural extension to their client’s internal collection strategies by providing risk adverse and cost effective escalation solutions, accessible in real-time via an online management portal.

Benefits include:

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was one of the Titans, daughter of Uranus and Gaea. She was the human-like representation of the natural and moral order. The name derives from the Greek word meaning that which is current and contemporary. According to Hesiod, she was the second wife of Zeus, a marriage that helped the supreme Olympian to stabilise his power over all gods and humans.

Themis also represents the law and undisputed order, the divine right. She was the goddess that created the divine laws that govern everything and are even above gods themselves. In general, Themis had three subsistence’s; goddess of natural order, which manifested through the Hores (the Hours), meaning the seasonal and never-ceasing rotation of time; goddess of moral order, manifested through Eunomia (fair order), Deke (trial) and Erene (peace), which were the utmost characteristics of the society, and through the Moires, which represented the destiny of every human being; and finally, goddess of prophecy, shown through the Nymphs, as well as the virgin Astraea.


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THEMIS GLOBAL THEMIS GLOBAL have been shortlisted for two significant awards at the upcoming Utilities & Telecoms Awards 2016‘Innovation of the Year’ and ‘Best Use of Technology’.

Director and Co-Founder, Michael Court, commented, “We are bubbling with excitement but also extremely humbled to have been shortlisted for two such prestigious awards. It shows what can be achieved when innovation is explored rather than ignored. I wish good luck to all the finalists and look forward to celebrating their achievements on the 29th September.”

Themis Global provide an ultra compliant and controllable natural extension to their client’s internal collection strategies (creditors and debt purchasers alike) by providing risk adverse and cost effective escalation solutions, accessible in real-time via an online management portal (

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Always great to receive fantastic feedback... In my 30 years working in business, with the last 20 years as a Finance Director, I have used many debt collection agencies and factoring companies to assist with our credit control function. Every time I was underwhelmed with the services provided and I could never then justify the fees charged. COLLECTaDEBTpro has completely changed my perception of how an outsourced company can add significant value to the credit control and cash flows of the businesses I operate.

The initial demonstration by the COLLECTaDEBTpro team, and the subsequent training they provided when we launched their product, was extremely useful – for a tech company they are fully visible which is rare and refreshing. The ease of use is everything you would expect from an online tool – no control is relinquished and the credit control teams retain full ownership of which debts are loaded and how they are managed. There are simplistic dashboards that provide real-time updates, and with COLLECTaDEBTpro doing all the heavy lifting it enables the credit controllers to spend more time speaking with clients, resolving issues and finalising payments.

The true measure will always be on the results delivered, and this is where COLLECTaDEBTpro is like no other product I’ve seen in the industry. Our success rate is 100% when using COLLECTaDEBTpro, and with their competitive fees being passed on to our debtors it forms such an effective part of our credit control department at a net zero cost to the business. It is also very interesting to hear from clients whose debts have been assigned to COLLECTaDEBTpro – they are all continuing as our clients and had no issue with this part of our collections process. I would strongly recommend any Finance Director to review COLLECTaDEBTpro as part of their credit control function.

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THEMIS GLOBAL Receives Full FCA Authorisation Themis Global Limited has received full authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA); significant news given the attention that already surrounds their groundbreaking and innovative solutions.

Authorisation means that Themis Global, who also own and operate the highly acclaimed end-to-end debt collection website, have processes and strategies in place that meet or exceed all of the FCA’s stringent expectations.

Director and Co-Founder, Michael Court, commented, “This is fantastic news for everyone involved with Themis Global, especially given that the whole application process was completed without the need for any external assistance. This is testament to the quality of our workforce, as well as our ultra compliant and groundbreaking collection solutions.”

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Fancy a game of Hide & Seek? I’m guessing that it probably wouldn’t go down very well in your office at this precise moment and yet for those who have outsourced customer accounts to a debt collection agency (DCA), it is a game that many will find themselves needlessly playing on a daily basis.

Of course, this is only true should you be so inconvenient as to insist on retaining any level of control and/or oversight of your customers during this period of outsourced activity (or inactivity!).

So why is this such a widely accepted ‘customer journey black hole’?
Landlords of residential premises required to check the immigration status of prospective tenants and other occupiers to ascertain the individuals’ right to rent in the UK The following is an interesting article found on The FSB Website.

In January 2016 the Government passed The Immigration Act 2014 (Commencement Order No 6), which introduces a requirement on private landlords to make right to rent checks of prospective tenants aged 18 and over before the start of any new tenancy entered into on or after 1 February 2016. The requirement applies to all tenants whether or not they are not named on the tenancy, even if there is no written tenancy or tenancy agreement. If landlords fail to comply, they may be fined up to £3,000. Landlords must carry out the checks in a non-discriminatory manner and need to avoid contravening the Equality Act 2010.

The government has issued detailed guidance on the documents that landlords can accept as evidence of the right to rent and landlords are required to keep copies of these documents. If tenants are not in a position to supply these documents, the landlord must request verification of the right to rent from the Home Office.

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The Hokey Cokey Conundrum In-sourcing or Out-sourcing?

Outsourcing solutions to external companies who are dedicated to deliver a service for a specific role of your business can add tremendous value. By focusing specific strategies and process models to one area limits the scope of potential substandard or weak methods that may originate in a business.

All industry sectors have a core solution or product they provide and sell to their customers. A great amount of thought is expended on business plans (current and visionary), company structures, departmental structures, employee skills and appropriateness to their roles, commercial structure and so on... aligned with responsible forecasts for expected revenues to be made. However with that brings to the fore the thought that lingers in the back of peoples mind but is taboo in the running of their business (what if a customer doesn’t pay – oh well we have an accounts department, they can deal with that, we can worry when it comes to it – we must focus our attention of getting as many sales as possible).

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Saving money for your business The quickest and simplest way for any company to save significant money and give their cash flow an immediate boost is to introduce a cost effective, compliant and controllable late payment/bad debt strategy into their business as usual processes.

Shockingly, 1/3 of firms are actually forced to write off thousands in unpaid invoices every year as they are too embarrassed to chase their own debts. In addition, 85% of businesses do not utilise statutory late payment legislation to help cover the cost of collection activity. COLLECTaDEBTpro provide simple and cost effective solutions that can instantly address these worrying statistics.

Michael Court, Director and Co-Founder of the online collections website – commented, “There is currently over £67bn owed to the UK’s businesses in unpaid invoices, a 36% increase since 2011. The main issue is that 3/4 of firms do not have a person or procedure in place for chasing debt and the vast majority have no escalation process for late payments at all.”