How much will this debt collection service cost me?
Our pricing is simple and transparent. The price you see is the price you pay.

The balance of your outstanding debt does not affect the price you pay and there are no commissions or hidden charges.

Our tiered pricing structure allows you to choose a package based on each individual debt and how frequently you want us to communicate with your customer.

The bronze tier has a set fee of £10.99 (+VAT) and would usually be used for smaller outstanding debts of £100 - £200 or less.

The silver tier has a set fee of £17.99 (+VAT) and includes twice as many communications compared to our bronze package. This would be used for larger debts or older debts.

The gold tier has a set fee of £35.99 (+VAT) and includes a full tracing service, to help you find a customer who has absconded or moved address. Once located the debt will be recovered using our silver tier service.

Late Payment Fees and Interest

The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 enables companies to make a charge for late payments.

This means that in most recovered cases, the cost to use our solution is net FREE because our solutions are so cost-effective (the late payment fees you retain will exceed the cost of using our service).

Why should customers be charged for late payments?

You have a legal right to charge late payment fees or interest on unpaid balances. These charges help alleviate cash flow problems and reimburse you for your collection efforts. It also encourages clients to pay on time to avoid paying more for their delay in payment.

Once your account has been loaded onto our system, you can add late payment fees and interest to your overdue balance, to cover the cost of collection. Unlike most of our competitors, you retain these additional fees in full when your customer pays.

As an example, ‘Business to Business’ fees are set by statutory late payment legislation and linked to the overdue balance as below:

Overdue Invoice Value Amount of Compensation
Up to £999.99 £40
£1,000 to £9,999 £70
£10,000 or more £100

To reiterate, our set fees are clear, transparent, and fully inclusive of all servicing costs (excluding VAT). You are not tied to any other service under our terms and conditions. Our activity starts as soon as payment is made. All payments from your customer are sent directly to you - we do not hold your funds at any time. We do not charge any additional percentages, commissions, or fees upon successful recovery.

The price you see is all you pay.

Each package is priced individually and delivers a different level of activity depending on your needs. You can view our current prices here.