Why use COLLECTaDEBTpro?
Is the collection of unpaid invoices one of your biggest bugbears?

If so, we have a simple solution to your problem.

‘COLLECTaDEBTpro' offers debt recovery with a difference, a service with one low price, whatever the size of your outstanding bill. Our solutions will slash the prices you are currently paying to collect your late payments and quickly increase your success rates.

As an alternative to claims court, solicitors, or handing your debt over to a collections agency, we provide you with a way to collect your invoices without alienating your customers.

Simply upload your overdue invoices to our easy-to-use online portal and select an appropriate, low-cost package. We will contact your customer using professionally branded communications and follow our proven and market-leading debt collection process. This escalation is often all that’s required to persuade your customer to pay.

Importantly, your customer makes payment directly into your bank account, and you are never charged any additional fees or commissions. This means that once the debt is paid, you will receive your money in full and without any delay.

You also retain full visibility of the process via our online portal. For example, you can view actual copies of the communications and what actions are due to be taken next.

In many cases, our fee will be covered by the late payment and interest charges that UK government legislation entitles you to add on.

Our debt recovery solutions are trusted by businesses of all sizes. They work, save time, and are ultra-cost-effective.

So register today and let ‘COLLECTaDEBTpro’ help you take control of your cash flow.

It couldn’t be simpler.