Testimonials about our services and performance
"Fantastic, easy to use debt collection service."

Y Hargrave
Lettings Agency

"CollectaDebtpro provides us with amazingly effective solutions for our small business debt recovery."

Simon L
Veterinary Surgery

"We were able to upload accounts into the CollectaDebtpro system daily, ensuring we were meeting our 30 day account overdue deadline with each customer. Big results for little cost. Congratulations on a brilliant service!"

D Bright
Building Merchants

"We are absolutely delighted by the results. Big thanks to CollectaDebtpro and the team."

A Morrow
Recruitment Agency

"Absolutely love using this platform, it's easy to use, fantastic customer service and nothing but great results!"

Y Marquez
Dental Practice

"We have saved a small fortune by using CollectaDebtpro as our debt collection agency. The results have been exceptional."

R O'Neill

"A small business owner's dream, thank you!"

M Kennedy
Web Designer

"All of our branches have access to CollectaDebtpro, easily allowing us to quickly maximise our collections and reduce our debt.."

C Leach
Storage Company

"I would highly recommend using CollectaDebtpro."

Z Singh

"CollectaDebtpro has been fantastic, providing us with easy-to-use arrears management solutions."

E Wyatt
Marketing Agency

"Outstanding service. I will use CollectaDebtpro again (but hope I never need to!!!)."

D Valentine

"As a small business, we had no defined process for collecting our debts, but using CollectaDebtpro quickly became our process. The upload procedure is simple, we could see the status of each account and control what happened next. Our customers paid too!"

G Thompson
Dental Surgery

"Hassle free debt collection service."

R Rowe
Estate Agent

"CollectaDebtpro offers a powerful collection tool and if you get stuck, the staff are there to help you through."

B Pearson
Media Agency

"We had been sitting on accounts for some time, unable to get our customers to pay their outstanding balances. CollectaDebtpro provided us with a whole new solution to managing these accounts."

S Anderson

"There was no balance too big or too small with CollectaDebtpro. We found that their approach worked for some of our larger balance debts as well as the smaller ones."

K Ferrell
Student Accommodations

"Wonderful! Our bad debt has reduced significantly, providing us with a more sustainable cash flow."

A Mendez
Financial Services